MIDlet Pascal open source 3.2
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MIDlet Pascal open source 3.2 en version ALPHA
Les versions se succèdent à un rythme élevé

Développé sur SourceForge, le nouveau compilateur MIDlet Pascal open source permet de créer des applications pour mobiles, en traduisant le source Pascal en bytecode Java MicroEdition (J2ME).

Après la sortie de la version 3.1 finale, la version 3.2 est déjà en construction.

Quelques points sur la version MIDletPascal 3.2 ALPHA


. Added Ruler at the top of the Code Editor.
. Added Edit\Comment Selected Text (Ctrl+K) menu item.
. Added Edit\Comment Selected Lines (Cltr+/, like in Delphi) menu item.
. Added Settings\Set Default Project Location... menu item. So you can change the C:\NewProject folder at will.
. Added Project\Open Folder\Open Classes Folder menu item. Useful when using Compile Current File.
. Added Skin support. Find the available skins in the View\Skins menu.
. Added the Unlock button to the read only source file information bar.
. Added French translation. Thanks to François Jouen!

. The group and project persistence backend has been changed from MSXML to JclSimpleXml due to problems with a new xml document creation under WINE. The WINE distro has MSXML 3.0 installed and it seemed to me better to quit using MSXML and forget about the version stuff, so many months ago I decided to replace that implementation but didn't had the time to do it until now.
. Fixed several small bugs in the New Project and New Group dialogs (displaying wrong friendly name for inexistent directories, non working browse for folder in W9x/ME, etc).

. Added exit keyword support.
. Added C-style /* */ multiline comments support. Very useful when porting source code from a C-family language.

En tout cas, pour le moment on peut dire que l'IDE est bien plus riche et plus pratique qu'avant.

Qu'en pensez-vous ?
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Qu'utilisez-vous pour développer vos applications pour mobiles ?

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Avatar de krachik krachik - Expert confirmé http://www.developpez.com
le 22/10/2010 à 14:15
Quelques informations sur la version 3.2 BETA
. Now the Find and Replace dialogs are filled by default with the word at cursor position (like in Delphi).
. Added the Whole Words checkbox to the Replace dialog.
. Added View\Minimize To Tray.
. Now you can rename code editor styles.

. Now the Replace dialog remains until you cancel manually the replacement procedure (like in Notepad).
. Now, when you try to change the Default Project Location, it checks if it is a valid path.
. Mow it sets the current selected path to the browsing dialog in the New Project dialog.

. Now the Preprocessor emits trailing file:line information and conditional defines in the final comment.

Avatar de krachik krachik - Expert confirmé http://www.developpez.com
le 31/10/2010 à 15:03
Sortie de la 3.2 CANDIDATE

. Changed the place where the current line and column for the current editor are shown.
. Fixed a bug under the code editor's undo/redo operation as I explained at https://forums.embarcadero.com/threa...=295406#295406
. Fixed documentation about getMonth routine. You can find the details about this at http://sourceforge.net/projects/midl.../topic/3917450
. Updated Spanish translation.
. Updated Hungarian translation.
. Updated French translation.
. Updated Polish translation.
. Updated Russian translation.

Avatar de krachik krachik - Expert confirmé http://www.developpez.com
le 14/11/2010 à 21:47
La version finale de la 3.2 a été annoncée
. The custom UniSynEdit being used was replaced by the latest official SynEdit SVN revision (20) and ported the needed patches to it.
. Now, when using the Replace dialog, the text is selected before being replaced for each occurence.
. Now the Replace dialog remembers the Whole Words state too.
. Fixed 0-width docks when showing Project and/or Group Manager when the docks were empty from the start.
. Updated the documentation of the Real type as explained in the forum.

. Added French language to the setup installation.

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