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MIDlet Pascal open source 3.0 passe en version beta 3
Avec de nouvelles fonctionnalités et de nouvelles adaptations de l'IDE

Le , par krachik


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Sortie de la version BETA 3

Les nouvelles fonctionnalités
. Now it can load MIDletPascal 1.x projects too.
. New Switch to Next Tab & Switch to Previous Tab menu items into the View Menu. They are accesible just like in Firefox and others via the common shortcut: Ctrl+Tab and Shift+Ctrl+Tab.
. New Demos: PlaneDemo & BounceDemo.
. Now the Find & Replace dialogs shows as the default text to search the selected text in the editor, if any, and if there is no text selected it will continue showing the text of the last search/replace done.
. New Active Build Configuration management via the Project Manager. Now it shows, in the Project Manager, the Active Build Configuration in a underlined text style, so you can know which is the active one. To set a Build Configuration as the active one, just double click it.
. Now you can set the Font Face and Size of the Code Editor via the Settings\Code Editor Style\Set Font... menu item.
. New Documentation. Currently it is only available in English, and it is mostly based in the old one, with some adjustments.
Nouvelles adaptations sur l'IDE
. Now it highlights the SHL and SHR operators. I forgot to include them into the keywords when porting the old ANSI SynEdit Syntax Highlighter to the current UniSynEdit.
. Now it displays a "Name is invalid" error message when trying to create a new source file with the same name of an external library present in the Libraries directory.
. Now it displays a "Name is invalid" error message when trying to create a new source file in a project and its name has not 3 characters at least.
. Under Windows 9x/ME it was storing the settings files in the root at the subfolder "MIDlet Pascal". Now it stores in the "My Documents" folder for those Windows versions.
. Now it no longer accepts duplicated resource files and it displays an "Could not add resource" error message when trying to add a resource file that already is included the project.
. Now the scripts afterSuccessfulBuild.bat, afterUnsuccessfulBuild.bat and beforeRun.bat are being executed again if they exist in the project's scripts folder.
. Now it stops the building process after the first [Pascal Error] message.
Et aussi, enfin l'aide qui est fonctionnelle pour le moment en anglais

Des avis sur l'évolution de cette version open source ?

Une erreur dans cette actualité ? Signalez-nous-la !

Avatar de krachik
Expert confirmé
Le 14/03/2010 à 23:35
La BETA 4 est déjà sortie !!!

Comme nouvelles fonctionnalités ajoutées:
. New Build Project or Group "-build" switch. It will work just like FinalBuilder, InnoSetup and many others: it will open the IDE, build the project or group, and finally close the IDE. Usage: mp3IDE -build C:\Project\Project.mpproj
. Now in the Code Editor, pressing Ctrl+F1 on a 'magic' compiler function or procedure opens its documentation.
. New History Backups limitation. Now the Keep History menu item has 5 different options: Disabled, 10, 25, 50 and Unlimited.
. New Zoom menu item in the Image Editor. Up to 8x. You can also edit when zoomed.
. New Help\Open Demo Folder menu item.
. New Help\Visit the Project Site menu item, to easily check for updates and/or report bugs.
. New Project\Open Folder submenu to hold all the project folders that can be open. Also new Open Source Folder and Open Resource Folder menu items.
En ce qui concerne l'IDE
. Now source file contents are preprocessed to avoid loading into the editor the double carriage returns from the MP2 modified files.
. Now a resource file is included when it belongs to many configurations. It was only working when it was in ":all:" or just in one.
. Now .dpr and .lpr files are open with the code editor.
. Demos were moved from the application directory to the common documents MIDletPascal folder (where already MP stores configuration files when is not working as portable) to guarantee write-access.
. Updated Documentation.
Et pour le compilateur
. More adjustments to the 009 modified version to work with the IDE, somes of them of importance: stipped out the overwritting of the library_directory var with the outputpath_directory var, now it returns error count again, etc.
Et pour ceux qui s'en doutent ou pas, il a été annoncé
A parallel project to build MIDletPascal 4.0 has started. The goal is to create in Free Pascal a pascal-based MIDletPascal compiler and also a native multiplatform IDE to interact with it. If you are skilled enough and are interested in getting involved in this development for the community, please contact Wes Williams.
Le contact de Wes Williams se trouve sur sourceforge ou dans l'aide (Get involved with MP 4.0 development)
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Avatar de krachik
Expert confirmé
Le 05/04/2010 à 13:07
La BETA 5 vient de sortir

. Internationalization support. Currently is only available the Spanish language.
. New 16x Zoom in the Image Editor.
. Now you can zoom in and zoom out in the Image Editor using Ctrl+MouseWheel, like in Fireworks and others.
En ce qui concerne l'IDE
. Faster response to the paint order in Image Editor.
. Now the Image Editor saves the transparent color correctly.
. Now it asks before overwriting a file with in the Save As process.
. Now it displays the close icon in the tab set correctly again.
. Updated Documentation.
Enfin concernant la fameuse fausse alerte virus
. FW, FS, S and SM java stubs were modified to avoid AV false alarms. Please community, test and retest those files.
Pour le compilateur
. It was not reporting correctly the required stubs based in the selected math type. This solves problems like trunc(1.0/300.0*100000) giving 317 instead of 333, like "mmatem" reported in the forums.
. The new lexer was corrupting the decimal part of real numbers.
. Removed the $R and $V directives that the 009 version features to avoid confusion with the use of the IDE.
N'hésitez pas à signaler les bugs que vous rencontrez ou vos retours concernant les tests
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Avatar de krachik
Expert confirmé
Le 12/04/2010 à 16:31
La BETA 6 est sortie

Comme nouveautés
. New Polish translation. Thanks to Adam Perek!
. New Hungarian translation. Thanks to Peter Gabor!
. Added Polish and Hungarian languages to the setup installation.
. Now double-clicking in the Emulators List fires up the Edit action.
. Now when running an emulator from the IDE it will block the Run action until it finishes.
Quelques améliorations concernant l'IDE
. The Emulators Dialog was allowing to add an emulator without name, generating weird behaviours like empty lines in the Emulators List that could not removed and stuff like that.
. When deleting an Emulator in the Emulators Dialog, it was not refreshing the Emulators List so it gave the wrong impression that it was not removed.
. Now there is a limit for the amount of Emulators you can configure: 16.
. Fixed a bug when launching an emulator.
. Fixed a problem with translation of the menues under certain circumstances.
. Fixed MIDlet-Jar-URL JAD file field that being filled with MIDletName+'.jar' instead of the JAR filename.
. Replaced the listbox of the Compiler Messages panel in order to show translated the IDE emitted messages.
. Now the Project Info fields in the Project Manager are editable again.
. When browsing for a folder, now it calls ShBrowseForFolderW to show the translation of the showed string correctly.
Que pensez-vous de ces versions BETA qui s'enchaînent ?
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Avatar de Paul TOTH
Expert éminent sénior
Le 12/04/2010 à 17:45
Citation Envoyé par krachik Voir le message
La BETA 6 est sortie

Comme nouveautés

Quelques améliorations concernant l'IDE

Que pensez-vous de ces versions BETA qui s'enchaînent ?
qu'ils devraient les numéroter BETA 0.1, 0.2, ... vu l'étendu des évolutions
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Avatar de krachik
Expert confirmé
Le 25/04/2010 à 1:43
Sortie de la BETA 7

Cette beta apporte quelques améliorations concernant l'IDE

. Before exiting without saving your changes, now it asks for "Do you want to save your changes?", with a Yes/No/Cancel dialog, like in Notepad and others.
. Now the Delete file dialog has a CheckBox to confirm that you want delete the file also in disk.
. Now it does not wait for the emulator to finish to re-enable the Run action.
. Under Wow64 (tested on several Windows 7 64-bit) the console output redirection was not working when invoking the compiler. So you can't see compile progress, error messages, etc. As a temporary workaround, now the communication between the Compiler and the IDE under Wow64 is made with WM_COPYDATA.
. The Hexadecimal Editor was asking to save changes even after Save action has been called.
. Now it highlights the WHILE and XOR keywords again.
. The Default emulator configuration has been reverted back to the MP2 one to enhance compatibility.
. Changed the way the emulator configuration gets loaded/stored.
. Replaced all MessageBox calls for MessageDlg to get skin support.
. Now it also checks for minimum name length on project creation.
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Avatar de krachik
Expert confirmé
Le 09/05/2010 à 17:00
La release MIDlet Pascal 3.0 CANDIDATE, la MP3C1 donc est enfin sortie

Cette version concernent principalement l'IDE
. Fixed a bug in the third party PNG library which was causing an Access Violation trying to read certain image files.
. Disabled the ecDeleteLine (already overlapped by the Redo action of the IDE) of the SynEdit to enable some AltGr reachable characters under certain languages.
. Removed the fixed (276) destination port in the SMS uri. If you need to send SMS messages that need to be sent specifically to that port, use the common notation (specified in JSR 120): sms://+<number>:<port>.
. Removed the non-necessary .class stub files from the distribution. Only the official MP3 RTL classes are distributed from now.
. When clicking Check for Updates there was a date conversion error under certain configurations.
. About window now displays in the screen center.
. Updated all the supported translations.
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Avatar de krachik
Expert confirmé
Le 23/06/2010 à 1:19
Petite note du responsable de l'équipe de développement concernant la RC de MP3

In the process of publishing the whole source code, now I'm releasing the RTL STUBS to which the compiler link the myriad of magic functions that it support.

I had fixed up all the known problems that the 2.02, specially the Antivirus false alarms, and made some bugfixes (fixed readNextByte problem described on forums, removed fixed destination port for SMS, etc). Enough to meet the MP3 goal.
Les codes sources sont disponibes sur sourceforge
Concernant le futur projet MP4
For the future development path on MP4, I suggest (as already expressed in the forums) to discard this "stub" method since it adds unnecessary complexity to the compiler. I think it is desirable to have all the functionality of the external stubs (excluding the framework one -FW- of course, that one can be treated in different ways) in separate and external Libs, and require the coder to add them up into the uses clause as it happens in any other Pascal worlds and the Pascal community is used to work.
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Avatar de krachik
Expert confirmé
Le 27/06/2010 à 1:51
Quelques corrections effectives dans cette version RC2 sortie aujourd'hui

Pour l'IDE
. Fixed error when trying to send to buffer the active version.
. Updated third party components.
. Updated hungarian translation.
Et pour le compilateur
. Fixed swapped shift operators.
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Avatar de Alcatîz
Responsable Pascal, Lazarus et Assembleur
Le 13/07/2010 à 22:39
La version 3.0 finale est à présent disponible :
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Avatar de darrylsite
Le 14/07/2010 à 0:10
Merci pour toutes ces infos

Je crois qu'il est temps de voir de plus près tout ce que nous offre la version 3.
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